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The Daily Wafer

The Real Ice-9

In Kurt Vonnegut’s classic Cat’s Cradle, he writes of a substance called Ice-9, the most destructive thing in the world. Ice-9 is able to turn water into permanent ice in an instant, turning rivers and oceans in a giant mass of ice. But even more frightening is how it interacted with the human body, which is […]

Thunderdome Master Blaster

Bill Gates’ Microsoft Poop Power

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with bathrooms. I remember fantasizing about having a luxury bathroom in my future home, full of TVs and bookshelves. For some reason, I thought movie theater bathrooms were the height of class and I envisioned having one for myself. I was a weird kid. So […]

China’s Web Junkies

China: Too much too fast? From the New York Times  

Alkaline eye tattoo

Bad Idea of the Week: Eye Tattoos

Ever hear the phrase “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes”? What if you didn’t have any whites in your eyes, would you be forever safe from being shot? I don’t know, but I think you would cry. Because that’s what happened to Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, a Brazilian who injected ink […]

North Korea’s Dream

The good news is, judging by the quality of their filmmaking, we may not need to worry about the nuclear weapons.

Birthday Boys: Pool Jumpers Trailer

Here’s a brilliant parody of the movie Z Boys And Dogtown, utilizing all of the subtle documentary tropes that most of us probably don’t even notice. It’s by The Birthday Boys, who I just heard of recently through Bob Odenkirk on the Nerdist podcast. Apparently he’s working with them to develop a show. Looking forward to […]

Your write-in vote for the next election

Jackmeoff Mudd: How He Exists And How That Makes Your Life Better

A man going by the name of Jackmeoff Mudd was arrested in Florida. His real name is Brian Eric Rhodes but he goes by the alias of Jackmeoff Mudd because…it’s an awesome name. Here’s a guy who was born to be arrested. You know this when the crime report begins a paragraph with, “His latest […]

Anti-Jean Reno Fouls Up Assassination In Bulgaria

Here’s a failed assassination attempt of Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan. Really embarrassing for the would-be assassin, who probably should have practiced on some melons or something. Extra points for Dogan on his excellent barrel roll after evading danger.  

James Taylor Melts Minds With Glitch-Hop Track At Inauguration

Wow I never knew he had it in him. Here’s James Taylor getting all Merzbow at the inauguration, delivering a mind-fuckingly great version of “American The Beautiful.”   Is it just me or did the inauguration this year have a lot in common with Jamie Kennedy’s New Year’s special? If I were the Obama people, […]


Achtung! A Message From Mr. Mindwafer

Greetings my colleagues and minions, Yup, I’m back. And isn’t my face red! As most of you know, back in April I traveled deep in the Bolivian jungle in order to prepare for the 2012 apocalypse. My plan was to build up a compound, wait out the storm of carnage, then repopulate the region. Then […]

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