13 Days of Mustache Pride ~ Today’s Mustache – #7 & #6 – Charlie Chaplin & Adolf Hitler

In honor of the upcoming Mustache Ball, Mindwafers will be paying tribute to the greatest mustaches in history with a list of the finest flavor-savor owners throughout fact and fictional history. Throughout the annuals of mankind, the mustache has been a curious and elusive devil. We pay humble respect to the best of the brush…


The grandfather of physical comedy, Charlie Chaplin ruled cinema in the early 20th century. But take away the soul stache and Chaplin is nothing more than Rob Schnieder with a stupid hat. Charlie made the toothbrush stache an iconic look that he alone made cool…




Until this guy came along……yikes. Thanks to old friend Addy, no one will be referring to that particular cut as a Toothbrush stache ever again. Sure he was arguably the worst human being to ever walk the face of the earth, but we can not ignore Hitler’s contributions to mustache history. Not only was the style of mustache named after him because of how closely associated he was to it, but Hitler actually managed to retire that particular style of facial hair forever. When’s the last time you saw someone sporting a Hitler stache? It’s one of those things that people wouldn’t even do as a joke – no one wants to touch it. And when you alter the way human beings groom themselves forever, I’d say you deserve a spot in the top 5. As a young boy Hitler was a little bitch that used to get his ass beat by girls in the school yard. Later in life he was 1 or 2 moves away from conquering the world. Teaching us a very valuable lesson that while the power of the stache can be used for good, we also need to fear and respect the dark side.

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