13 Days of Mustache Pride ~ Today’s Mustache – #2 – Geraldo Rivera

 In honor of the upcoming Mustache Ball, Mindwafers will be paying tribute to the greatest mustaches in history with a list of the finest flavor-savor owners throughout fact and fictional history. Throughout the annuals of mankind, the mustache has been a curious and elusive devil. We pay humble respect to the best of the brush…

No mustache list would be complete without the mustache that single handedly tried to capture Osama bin Laden and end terrorism forever. Everyone’s favorite Hispanic Jew has been piggybacking onto high profile stories to get his push broom on television since the 70′s. While the names and faces have come and gone, Geraldo’s glorious mustache has remained the same. Geraldo’s stache didn’t start the fire….it’s been slyly grinning since the world’s been spinning. If you feel like it’s been too long since you’ve seen Geraldo last don’t worry, we’re always only one celebrity murder or natural disaster away.

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