American Terrorists?

On the heals of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that was just passed by senate, this thought provoking article….or left wing drivel depending on which way you swing, raises the question: Are we as Americans next in line for Guantanamo Bay?

The question isn’t as far fetched as one might think and I would like to share some points in the article that support that.  First and most important, the author Ray Mcgovern is a credible voice.  He is a former CIA analyst who would, on a daily basis, brief the president on pertinent intelligence matters.

That tidbit lets me make a second observation; he is by current social standards, a sane and knowledgeable person drawing comparison of the NDAA to pre-holocaust legislation in Nazi Germany.  To elaborate, Jews and other non Aryan citizens were restricted from public service, education, medical and legal professions until they were completely segregated from the German populace.  The comparison is not in the laws themselves, but in that an entire nation agreed, blinded by the vision of a prosperous nation.  It was for the greater good because the Jews were “vermin”  after all.

Now what is happening here is a law that allows detention, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, of anyone who is considered a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer.  Forgoing the argument that a terrorist is a propagandic symbol, much like a communist or pagan, used to instill fear in order to control a mass.  The focus of the article is the terrorist sympathizer or “terrorsymp” as Mcgovern coins them.   Anyone who is deemed a terrorsymp can have their head stuffed in a bag, ass kicked in a van, and their black, terror loving souls shipped to Gitmo.

The masses may not see a problem with that.  If you love your country and act as an upstanding citizen, there should be no worry, right?  Ask yourself the question:  Am I terrorist sympathizer?  The answer is most likely no.  But let me ask you a few questions:  How do you know?  Do you think that there will come a time when the U.S. will cross the line in their handling of terrorists, if it hasn’t done so already?  Or cross the line in causing collateral damage in the “war on terror?” Would you do anything to stop it?  If the NDAA isn’t vetoed by Obama, then there will be nothing you can do.  Not only could one be detained without a fair trial, but their hands could very well be tied from standing up to any government wrongdoing.  Which, if history has served us right, we could be in for some very turbulent times.

What may be most interesting  about Mcgovern’s article is the inclusion of a headline from  “Democrat-Controlled Senate Passes Constitution-Shredding Defense Authorization Bill.”   It’s a bit humorous that a rare moment of hard hitting news is a byproduct of their fecal assault on the democrats.   Nonetheless, they’re right and we need to pay attention.




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