Tim Thomas Inserts His Foot Into The Five-Hole

On Monday the Boston Bruins visited the White House, as to all major sports teams when they win their respective championships, but the cordial visit has been overshadowed by star goaltender Tim Thomas’s refusal to attend the event, and his citing of “political differences” aka not being an Obama fan, for why he would not visited with the team. The team has already come out and defended the decision, saying it was his own to make and he would be be disciplined, and that despite his refusal to attend, the Bruins enjoyed their visit and all was well.

But the intertubes are abuzz: while some choose to applaud Thomas’s political stand, there are others who took his statement – released on his facebook page and littered with such heavy rhetoric you would think Thomas was spending the off-day marching in Washington alongside Michelle Bachmann – as an attack on the current administration, and of course is a political statement, no matter how he declares it otherwise. The fuddy duddy older sport journalism crowd; your WEEI, your Fox Sports guys, are fully supportive of Thomas. Younger, hipper blogs such as the bleacherreport and Barstool Sports’ Rear Admiral have tsk-ed, tsk-ed, believing that this was the incorrect forum for Thomas’s political views. The Mindwafers take? I love Thomas like I love all my local athlete heroes, warts and all. I have accepted long ago that these guys have faults that, if not for their laundry, I’d love to chuck a tomato at their heads in public. I loved Pedro Martinez even though he was such a tailor-made diva for MTV”s Sweet Sixteen. I love Tom Brady even though he seems like he might care more about hair product and after-football modeling gigs than the game. I love Kevin Garnett despite the fact he’s a complete sociopath.

But as much as I love Thomas – this is such a douchey move. He’s the only American on the team that won the Stanley Cup and he has enough of a beef with Obama that he’d rather sit in his hotel room in the national’s capital and watch Moneyball on Pay-Per-View than meet the leader of the free world? Come on. It’s the President of the United States. How many opportunities do you ever have to meet the man? You can hate his politics, hate his party, hate every decision he’s ever made, but you have to respect the title. The President of the United States calls – you come. There is no other way about it. This is one instance where Thomas should have sucked it up and done the deed. For one day you can put aside your political beliefs and be part of your team, be Tim Thomas, playoff MVP, not Tim Thomas, Tea Party enthusiast who can’t stand Obama. Only a douche would think he’s better than the POTUS.

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