The Facebook IPO Debacle In 2 Minutes (And 11 seconds)

I’ve been loving these Next Animation Videos from Taiwan. They basically break down the latest media freakshow in a couple minutes using the same animation from Xavier: Renegade Angel. Here’s their version of the rise and fall of the Facebook IPO, which made the public think they were some kind of Warren Buffett-esque stock market oracle for a week. That is until Goldman and the big boys showed everybody how it’s done; “it’s” meaning manipulating the market and profiting off of the average person’s failure. Good show

Lesson to take home: If you’re told about some new, hot IPO about to drop from your pastor, or co-worker, or anyone else who never previously had any interest in stocks, ignore it. Remember, the market makers like Goldman and J.P.Morgan know about these things months before you even get a taste. Any money you make is only the table scraps left behind.


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