My Bad On That Earthquake Fellas


Hi! Hi! Hi! Mindwafers audience, I come to you with a heavy heart and stinky breath this morning. As you residents of New England know, last night an earthquake of 4.5 magnitude hit outside the Portland area and was felt as far south of Boston. Many Bostonians, not used to having the ground shake or […]

Reads of the Day


Stop your brain from leaking fluids and read these now! Stonehenge was actually a prehistoric art gallery: Scientists found evidence of other bronze age carvings in addition to the famous rock formations. Next up is the first evidence of horn rimmed glasses and fossils of the first cold, detached man named Gail. Egypt is keeping […]

Paul McCartney Talks Tripping and Privacy

Here’s a great stumbled upon video of an interview with Paul McCartney, where he’s asked whether he used LSD in the past. He answers that he’s done it four times, but the interview then transforms into a treatise on privacy and the role and responsibility of mass media, all in little over 2 minutes. I […]

The News Illusion

Here’s a funny news blooper of a Romanian broadcaster trying to report a story on sandstorms. The only problem is that, at the time to shoot, the wind was no longer blowing. As a result, the reporter had a production assistant kick up some dust for the broadcast, only to have conspirator appear when the […]

The Facebook IPO Debacle In 2 Minutes (And 11 seconds)

I’ve been loving these Next Animation Videos from Taiwan. They basically break down the latest media freakshow in a couple minutes using the same animation from Xavier: Renegade Angel. Here’s their version of the rise and fall of the Facebook IPO, which made the public think they were some kind of Warren Buffett-esque stock market […]

Too TED For TV?

Here is a talk by Nick Hanauer for the TED series that was never aired. According to some media sources, as well as Hanauer himself, the talk was scrapped due to its controversial nature; namely, wealth inequality in America. Others posit that Hanauer simply has a case of sour grapes since his speech never got […]

Song of the Day: Harry Nilson- I’d Rather Be Dead

I recently saw a documentary on Schmilsson, who enjoyed a long career as a critically acclaimed songwriter before succumbing to drug and alcohol addiction and, ultimately, complete self-annihilation. But until then, Nilsson was an incredibly gifted singer/songwriter, with the voice of an angel and humor-laden, biting wit matched only by John Lennon, who’s friendship turned […]

Pic of the Day: Who’s Gonna Clean This Place Up?

Athens FinMin_0

Here is a photo of the Greece’s Ministry of Finance, following the latest clusterfuck that’s become of Greek finances. Maybe we’re getting overly optimistic reports from the press? The picture comes from a documentary called “The Greek Lie,” aired on ZDF, a German TV station. I posted the video below, although it’s only in German. […]

Henry Rollins Tells It Like It Is

Another Great Ron Paul Show

Found this Ron Paul video from 2008 that features speeches from MLK and JFK (but nothing from late 90s Ray-J led boy band B2K). I’m not usually into this kind of thing, with the overdramatic music and iconic quotes, but as a whole I found it really inspiring. It features some killer Paul quotes, mostly […]

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