Want To Be Rich And Famous? Change Your Name

Trading Places

Introduction America is known as the land of opportunity. People come from all over the world in order to achieve their dreams, or at least be able to support their family without stealing from them. In recent years, much has been written about inequality of wealth in America. Many economists have concluded that America is […]

News To Me: Puppy Bowl MVP Loses Mind In Post-Game Interview

Loren Puppy Bowl

By Sal Pimento Loren, 2014 Puppy Bowl MVP, served up some surprises in an interview with Animal Planet’s Lil Bub when she blasted fellow teammates and barked crazily at her fans. Bub looked on in horror as the┬álovable Brittany Spaniel mix licked her crotch for four painfully long minutes in front of the live television […]

5 Great Inventions Created From Terrible Events


To say that you’re anti-war is equivalent to saying that you’re pro-cheeseburger. No one likes war. But sometimes war can produce such ingenious inventions that can line even the most dreary cloud of history. I’m not talking about the obvious examples, like the internet, tanks, rockets, or even wrap-around Ray Ban sunglasses. Louis C.K. has […]

Mindwafers Approves The New Bieber!

Justin Bieber lollipop

We’re making this official. Against all popular opinion and common sense, we’re throwing our powerful, meaty weight behind the new and improved Justin Bieber. While he may dismissed as an immature, entitled little jerk, we here at Mindwafers fully endorse his antics and look forward to seeing what the Biebs brings next. Of course by […]

North Korea’s Dream

The good news is, judging by the quality of their filmmaking, we may not need to worry about the nuclear weapons.

Anti-Jean Reno Fouls Up Assassination In Bulgaria

Here’s a failed assassination attempt of Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan. Really embarrassing for the would-be assassin, who probably should have practiced on some melons or something. Extra points for Dogan on his excellent barrel roll after evading danger.  

James Taylor Melts Minds With Glitch-Hop Track At Inauguration

Wow I never knew he had it in him. Here’s James Taylor getting all Merzbow at the inauguration, delivering a mind-fuckingly great version of “American The Beautiful.”   Is it just me or did the inauguration this year have a lot in common with Jamie Kennedy’s New Year’s special? If I were the Obama people, […]

Achtung! A Message From Mr. Mindwafer


Greetings my colleagues and minions, Yup, I’m back. And isn’t my face red! As most of you know, back in April I traveled deep in the Bolivian jungle in order to prepare for the 2012 apocalypse. My plan was to build up a compound, wait out the storm of carnage, then repopulate the region. Then […]

News To Me: Nation Forgets About Inauguration

Obama was already speaking for 15 minutes when the first attendee showed up

Washington, DC- After a record 1.8 million people attended the 2008 presidential inauguration, it appeared that the second time around wouldn’t be as impressive. President Obama addressed a crowd of dozens on Monday, confused as to why the crowds were so low on his second inauguration. The president remained strident, trying to fire up the […]

Stanley Steamer: Why Can’t Mental Ill Have Gun Too?


By: Stanley Steamer Wit all these talks bout gun problems in the United Straights, we been hearing awful lots from awful lots of people. Everyone say we need to do sumthin bout guns but nobody agree on what to do bout guns. One big problem is nobody wants to give up they guns in case […]

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