Bad Idea of the Week: Eye Tattoos

Alkaline eye tattoo

Ever hear the phrase “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes”? What if you didn’t have any whites in your eyes, would you be forever safe from being shot? I don’t know, but I think you would cry. Because that’s what happened to Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, a Brazilian who injected ink […]

Mindwafers Approves The New Bieber!

Justin Bieber lollipop

We’re making this official. Against all popular opinion and common sense, we’re throwing our powerful, meaty weight behind the new and improved Justin Bieber. While he may dismissed as an immature, entitled little jerk, we here at Mindwafers fully endorse his antics and look forward to seeing what the Biebs brings next. Of course by […]

Moguls Across America Demand A Vote for Romney…Or Termination!


One of our great freedoms as an American is your inalienable right to vote for your elected officials, a right that cannot be taken away, unless of course you work for an increasing number of batshit conservative CEOs and billionaire moguls that are trying to take away this freedom. No matter what you stance in life: poor, rich, […]

Breaking Biddley Bad

breaking bad

For Your Super Tuesday! Ron Paul Robbed In Maine

Maine’s primary came and went like an Eddie Murphy movie, with very little notice among mainstream media outlets. Maybe it’s because Maine’s primary is more of a straw poll, with the votes not binding. But maybe there’s a more sinister reason. Check out the video to see what a clusterfuck the Maine primary turned out […]

Silicon Submarine Sandwiches

Much of our manufacturing base has been destroyed over the years because of automation. While we’ll probably never see these factory jobs, there’s been one message of optimism regarding the economy; that service jobs, like waiting tables and preparing food, can never be replaced by robots. Well, not anymore. The Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group from […]

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before But Have You Heard About The UFO in Roswell, New Mexico?

This video is all the rage right now on the interwebs. A Youtube video posted by noted UFO chaser Stephen Hannard (the Bill Paxton in Twister of undentified flying objects) following a UFO as it moseys along the skyline of Roswell, New Mexico, before parking behind a building. There’s even a Phillip Seymour Hoffman Bro […]

Sigh…What Could Have Been

I just stumbled upon this video and it took me back to those days of yore, in 2008, when Obama was the Jeremy Lin of his day. People clambered to hear what he had to say. But at the same time, this little fella named Kucinich was the Ron Paul of his day. They tried […]

Join The Million Mustache March!


While I fully acknowledge this could be a massive April Fool’s prank, the American Mustache Instutition has decreed April 1st, 2012 as a day for the “Million Mustache March”, where mustache supporters will descend upon Washington DC to march for the rights (and tax benefits) deserved for those who proudly display the flavor saver. According […]

Now We Just Need 17 More Jaws Films And We’ll Be Completely Caught Up to Back To the Future 2

Children of the 80s – start saving for next year’s holiday season. The chance to re-enact Marty McFly’s hover-romp through downtown Hill Valley circa 2015 is going to be a reality, according to Mattel, who plans to release a hoverboard for the 2012 holiday season. The hoverboard was introduced at the 109th American Toy Fair, which […]

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