Tim Thomas Inserts His Foot Into The Five-Hole


On Monday the Boston Bruins visited the White House, as to all major sports teams when they win their respective championships, but the cordial visit has been overshadowed by star goaltender Tim Thomas’s refusal to attend the event, and his citing of “political differences” aka not being an Obama fan, for why he would not visited with the […]

The Mindwafers Most Fascinating People of 2011


Why should Barbara Walters have all the fun? This has sincerely been a remarkable year of political and pop culture insanity and Mindwafers has been proud to broadcast, report, critic and point out ratherly shallowly all the horrible misgivings and transgressions that our fellow humans have committed. We have seen some truly fascinating stories, and with […]

This Guy Probably Won’t Get a Second Date


This letter was posted on Reddit by someone known only as “Lauren”.  The back-story is that Lauren went to the NY Philharmonic by herself, met this guy and went on one subsequent bad date with the guy. After she never followed up for a second date, he sent her this letter. In it he stresses […]

I Guess This Is How You Honor The Troops


This disgusting story can’t help me think of all those faketriots* who stick “Support the Troops” magnets on their SUVs, an empty gesture if there ever was one. The BBC reported today that the incinerated remains of at least 274 troops were dumped into a Virginia landfill, while the families were never notified of the […]

Disliking Facebook Overshares


 I understand that complaining about Facebook is like complaining your oil bill – you can’t really complain because you have every right to turn it off with the push of button and risk being freezed out of the world. Facebook is the way the humans communicate now – there’s no two ways about so we […]

Mexico Kills Some Of Our Illegal Immigrants For A Change


I guess I should clarify – the illegal immigrants in question aren’t exactly human beings, and there is no actual evidence that US officials have murdered illegals crossing the US-Mexcico border (except here, here and here,  plus this shitty Fear.net movie that isn’t real but very well could be), but I still think Mexico and US […]

PolitiChicks: Like “The View” For Even Bigger Idiots

    Sorry I just stole 14:23 minutes of your life. How painful was that song? The woman in the leopard print had a look on her face like “Who farted?’ the entire time. The PolitiChicks are a gaggle of conservatives women who like to gab about hot button right wing issues, ala The Talk or The […]

Government & Hollywood Team Up To Try & Defeat The Internet


    Good news – Mindwafers and a host of other websites that like to post links, pictures and videos of various goings-on around our wonderful world-wide-web might be shut down by an ambigious piece of legislation created by the US government via pressure of the poor, starving members of the RIAA and MPAA. Yes […]

The Sad Ballad of Motel Caswell

    Every kid in Tewksbury has a Motel Caswell story. Cue the Tony Massaroti gravelly Bas-tan guy voice: “Yah dude, one time in high school, I went behind the Motel Caswell, and beeped twice, and these hook-ahs came out.” Or “I partied there one time after the junior prom – my cousin got us […]

Why Assorted Retards Are Killing Fenway Park

(originally written May 2009) Let me set the stage. It is the top of the ninth inning in Fenway Park and the Red Sox are maintaining a slim, never-safe 4-1 lead against the AL West leading Anaheim Angels. Howie Kendrick is at the plate and Jonathan Papelbon has just given up 2 walloping hits, a third shot only […]

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