The Facebook IPO Debacle In 2 Minutes (And 11 seconds)

I’ve been loving these Next Animation Videos from Taiwan. They basically break down the latest media freakshow in a couple minutes using the same animation from Xavier: Renegade Angel. Here’s their version of the rise and fall of the Facebook IPO, which made the public think they were some kind of Warren Buffett-esque stock market […]

Google Prepares To Deliver What The World Truly Needs: Terminator Glasses


Attention: Larry Paige This is a spec ad copy of the upcoming Oakley Thump sunglasses. Please consider me for future job opportunities: War, poverty, disease. Unless you’re a defense contractor, the IMF or a pharmaceutical salesman, these things are all devastating problems in our world. To eliminate these ongoing problems of humanity, it’s going to […]

Facebook Ready For Initial Privacy Offing

peeping tom

Slowly but surely, privacy is going the way of the buffalo. Over the past decade, we’ve seen our country turn into a virtual surveillance state with the signing (and resigning) of the PATRIOT Act, along with NSA’s exploits of illegal wiretapping that goes unaccounted for. At the same time, Americans, along with the rest of […]

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