The Facebook IPO Debacle In 2 Minutes (And 11 seconds)

I’ve been loving these Next Animation Videos from Taiwan. They basically break down the latest media freakshow in a couple minutes using the same animation from Xavier: Renegade Angel. Here’s their version of the rise and fall of the Facebook IPO, which made the public think they were some kind of Warren Buffett-esque stock market […]

Vampires Suck Away: Truth About the Euro Debt Crisis

BJ’s Daily News Roundup: Inept Regulation Edition


Welcome back folks to another edition of our Mindwafers news roundup, where we connect the sleazy dots to show how close we truly are from that beautiful apocalypse. Picking on the big banks is like making fun of the guy with one leg; much too easy. But where you might have some sympathy for this […]

How Much Does The Presidency Cost?

presidential candidate funding

  Here’s the list of top campaign contributors for Mitt Romney and the last two elected presidents. Notice there are lots of similarities there, some appearing on all three lists, like: Citigroup (bailed out by government in 2008) Goldman Sachs (bailed out by Fed in 2008) Morgan Stanley (bailed out by government in 2008) UBS […]

Article of the Day- The Complete Story of Jon Corzine and MF Global


Here’s an interesting dissection of the MF Global abortion from the New York Times Dealbook section. It appears that Corzine had such hubris that he figured he would bet on European debt because he believed that no European country would go into default and he would finagle the system to insure that they wouldn’t. Of […]

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