Want To Be Rich And Famous? Change Your Name

Trading Places

Introduction America is known as the land of opportunity. People come from all over the world in order to achieve their dreams, or at least be able to support their family without stealing from them. In recent years, much has been written about inequality of wealth in America. Many economists have concluded that America is […]

Israel Goes Gaza! (Again)


Here’s a bit of good news in an otherwise “bad-news-always” scenario. Before I could even fire off an article about the New and Improved! Israel/Palestine battle, a cease-fire has apparently been declared. Reportedly Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s new president helped usher in the agreement before the media called it a day. Hillary Clinton is also heading […]

Future-War Just Got A Whole Lot Nerdier

microsoft early photo

Must be nerd week. First it was the scientist giving us his cliched vision of Heaven, now it’s the dark side of the nerds taking us to Hell (these must be the ones who never got over being bullied…). ¬†For it looks as though the future of war is here and it won’t be fought […]

A Quick Summary Of All Political “Summits”

political disagreement

This diagram originally referred specifically to the weekly summits devoted to stopping the runaway Europe train, but I think it applies equally to any political meeting, where two sides of the political aisle try to come to an agreement. One side thinks one thing, the other side thinks the opposite. No amount of persuasion can […]

Mark Oxner Political Ad: Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

I would love to know who greenlit this idea. “Ok so let’s portray the first black president in history as the captain of a slave ship full of white kids.” It gets a little confusing at the end when that weird voice says “Don’t you care about the banks? Don’t you care about the 99%?” […]

Let The Corporate Tax Race Commence!

Obama with GOP

Today President Obama threw a political curveball in proposing to lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 28%. Corporations have long complained that the US has one of the highest tax rates for doing business and, as a result, discourages entrepreneurs from diving into the free market waters (lots of sharks!). Of course, what’s […]

BJ’s Daily News Roundup: Obama Becomes A PACker, Diplomats Get The Pink Slip, Nuclear Scientists Get Ghetto And Dolphins Go To War

Dolphins in War SIZE

  Greetings Mindwaferists! We’ve been swamped these past couple of days and I got a bit backlogged on keeping you up on the news of this crazy world of ours. I have enough tabs open on my browser to last me year so I figure combine a bunch into one rather than writing individual stories. […]

US Government Addicted To Buying Limousines

Normally the term “limousine liberal” is a metaphorical term, meaning liberals who pretend to care about the poor but live posh. However, the Obama administration has taken the term and turned into literal fact. The number of limousines purchased by the government has increased 73% since Obama started the job, according to iWatch news. It […]

S.E.C.- Sheltering Every Criminal


On 60 Minutes Sunday night, President Obama sat down for a lengthy interview and was questioned about everything from the stimulus to his chances in the 2012 race. But the most revealing moment came when Steve Kroft asked Obama about those financial firms responsible for the housing market crash and why no executives have seen […]

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